Sunday, March 14, 2010

Job Training

Last friday pye class...hahaha...'Acting It Out' happening. Bab2 meggedik cmni mmg ktorg suka sgt but...bila tutor suh volunteer bc news kat dpn masing2 ngelak je...lau leh nk nyorok bwh meja hahaha. Kesian kat kak.ngah nk kan feel acting pye pasal botol air tu kene kt muka kak.ngah hehehe...sory kak ngah...over acting plak time tu. Actually tujuan bnda2 ni suma adlh utk kami pelajari 'voice projection' / 'Intonation' Di bwh ini adlh di antara script yg kami lakonkan;

This is a party in progress and one person A is standing by the drinks table and serving drinks. B approaches and A offers her a drink.

B I thought you might be here.
A Ah, hello. How are you?
B Not bad. What about you?
A All right, I suppose.
B What are you drinking?
A Some sort of orange juice. Do you want some?
B No, I think I'd prefer Coke. Have they got any?
A Yes, there's some over there.
( B pours out a drink)
A Well what do you think of the party ?
B It's not bad. I'm not really in the mood for a party though.
A Why's that?
B I don't know, really. I suppose I'm a bit tired.
( During the last exchange C has approached the table to get a drink,but
accidentally drops it)
A Oh, sorry about that.
C (annoyed) I should think so!
A Don't worry it's not too bad.
C What do you mean? It's gone all over my trousers-I only bought them last week.
A There's no need to shout.
C (loudly) I'm not shouting.
A Yes, you are.
C (very loudly) No, I'm not!
B (wanting to calm the situation) Look,why don't you dry them with this?
C (ignores B) You should watch what you're doing!
A What do you mean? It was your fault!
B How about another drink? ( A ignores B)
C Anyway don't I know you?
B Do you want another drink? (A ignores B)
A You might do.
C You didn't go to St Mark's School, did you?
A Yes, I did actually.
C Next time you better watch your way. So that others would't get trouble.
B Chilled girl, this is just a small matter. Just enjoy the party.
A Ok fine. I'm sorry.
B Whatever...!


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